Sharing & Collaboration

We make collaboration among the team members very natural. It does not matter where the teams are located. They can collaborate on building the test artifacts and share reports using our web portal.

Live Exit Criteria

Define a suite of test cases within a test plan and treat it as Exit Criteria. Send the link of the test plan to your client for approval. Share the link of the test plan with the dev team so they can make sure that the all the test cases pass.

See the True North

In case of a failure, create a defect report and attach the link of execution report to the dev team. They can ‘replay’ the test case execution or execute the same on their environment by a simple click. No more “it works on my machine”.

Save Even More $$$

Letting dev team automatically test their product results in not only happier developers but also much faster development and much lower cost – some say fixing each defect will cost only 1/10.

Eliminate QA Altogether

Well. Not really. Add the test plan execution within the continuous integration platform or share test plan with dev team to execute manually. Now most testing is already completed by the time product exits development phase. The QA team can now focus on adding new test cases and on usability rather than regression.

Perfect Match for Distributed Teams

No issues if your dev team is in one place, QA in another, product managers and clients located in yet another place. The cloud based ZenVerify platform brings everybody on the same page – instantaneously and naturally.

Other Features

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