Recording & Execution

Our platform includes a super-intuitive GUI based recorder and editor. The execution of tests can be initiated using our web console or API.

Editing is a Breeze

When your product’s code changes, your tests become outdated. Unlike our competitors, ZenVerify’s record-and-playback Editor works with our fingerprinting framework and central repository system so if something changes on a page then you only have to update one test on that page and every other impacted test is instantly updated for all team members everywhere. And, yes, everything is version controlled.

Flow Driven Cross Browser Testing

Capture images on each page while following a test path to ensure cross browser compatibility

Developers Not Required

GUI editor means anyone on your team can easily record and edit automated tests. As you use ZenVerify’s Resource Editor to create your tests, we are creating pages, widgets and workflows and storing these assets within our cloud based central repository. This means that we are building the test framework for you and you don’t have to write code. It is as if you hired developers to build a professional test automation platform on top of Selenium.

No Application Left Behind

There may be some instances (typically in heavily customized web pages), where the widget behavior cannot be determined automatically. In such instances, our GUI editor allows you to define the widget by adding scriptlets. Typically this is just a few lines of code and you can mix-and-match with the automatically generated widgets. And the best part: once you define a widget, we remember that definition and apply whenever we see that widget again. We have yet to encounter an application that is too complex for ZenVerify to encode.

Unlimited Data Variations

Need to run the exact same test flow repeatedly and simply vary the data? We’ve got you covered. It is literally as simple as copying a column in Excel.

Verify Results

For every action in an application there is a tangible reaction. Verify these results via:

  • Extraction Points
  • Logic Calculations
  • SQL against your database
  • External API’s
  • Manual Inputs

Execute Anywhere, Anytime

ZenVerify lets you execute the test cases using its Web Postal or Web API. Anybody can execute the test cases by logging in to ZenVerify web application. You could be at work, home or on the way. Once the execution is completed, you get an email to check the results. And yes, you can schedule the test cases to be executed every day at 6 am or after the build is completed…

To Ship or Not to Ship

Review the “At a Glance” report after a test plan has finished to find out any failures and the ‘Risk’ of the failures. Helps you make a decision whether the product is ready to ship. Dig deeper into the failures with “Snippet” and “Detailed” reports for each failure. Determine what went wrong, what the problem was and what to fix without even looking at the code.

Other Features

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