We organize projects, project versions and test artifacts in ways that would be natural to you and would conform to your projects.

Manage Multiple Projects Concurrently

ZenVerify lets you create unlimited projects. Each project is a silo and can contain a set of test assets.

Implement Agile Processes

We fully expect that you would release new versions every few weeks with enhancements and bug fixes. That is why we added the notion of Project Versions. Any time you start on a new version, you ‘clone’ an existing Project Version – creating a copy of the test assets in the new Project Version. Now you can add or update test cases in the new Project Version. You could now be testing v1.3 on dev, v1.2 on QA and v1.1 on staging.

Multiple Execution Environments

And of course you can ‘point’ a test plan to execute on a specific environment – be it dev, QA, staging, or any other. You can define the target application server, database connection string, and any number of other variables with each execution environment.

Reuse Test Assets

Do you have a common action (like login) that you use all the time? Create a test fragment and re-use it in unlimited tests.

Other Features

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