Several years ago, we (the founders) were working as a team for a corporation and building online software products. We noticed that each time our products reached a certain size, QA became a bottleneck, causing delays and increasing costs. We wanted to resolve the QA bottleneck, so we sought advice from those who had spent their entire careers in QA.

Although many suggested possible ways to solve the problem, none of our QA experts suggested automation. When we asked why, they told us, “Your products are moving too fast for test automation to be effective.” Although they had extensive experience with traditional test automation tools, they felt jaded about them.

So, we listened to the experts’ concerns and altered course, instead of looking for an existing solution we kept researching new approaches. After several trials, we started to see the potential for a new way of automating testing unlike any in the marketplace. And "ZenVerify" was born.


Shachin Agarwal


Shachin is an obsessively customer focused, hands-on technology manager with a verifiable record of achievement in defining and aligning technology strategies with short- and long-term business goals. He has devised and developed process blueprints using agile methodologies and delivered many scalable end-to-end solutions. He has worked in very large corporations as well as early stage startups. He has founded two startups himself. When not working, he can be found hiking in Himalayas.

Srik Subramanian

VP, Software Development

Srik is a skilled Software Architect. He is adept at breaking down a complex software development goal into bite size pieces that can then be designed, prototyped, developed, tested and released. Srik has guided many commercial software development projects from inception to production. But the many years of technical leadership roles does not stop him from diving deep into code whenever necessary to solve the most critical of problems. He has worked in many startups and is a Black Belt in Taekwondo.