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ZenVerify has been built from ground up to simplify the complex task of automation. It manages the complexity and exposes a simple and intuitive GUI to its users.



Behind its simple GUI, ZenVerify hides an extremely powerful engine. This heuristic based, extensible engine enables automation of the most complex workflows.



ZenVerify has been designed for global teams to share information. It enables multiple parties to review information and collaborate in real-time.

What our Customers say….

“...among the four different platforms we looked into, ZenVerify provided the fastest results coupled with the best UI capability”

“the customer service and support from ZenVerify (is) 4.5 out of 5. ZenVerify was agile and (was) able to support the unique needs the product needed…”

“it was love at first sight.. since its integration, [our firm] has seen a 40% productivity increase over its previous software…”

Product Features


Our platform includes a super-intuitive GUI based recorder and editor. The execution of tests can be initiated using our web console or API.

  • GUI Editor for Record & Edit
  • Encode most applications out of the box
  • Extend product by using scriptlets to cover remaining applications
  • Unlimited data variations using Excel 
  • Verify webpage content against database or another webpage 
  • Execute tests anywhere, any time 
  • Intuitive test execution reports on the web portal and determine product ready-ness and to debug any failures

We make collaboration among the team members very natural. It does not matter where the teams are located. They can collaborate on building the test artifacts and share reports using our web portal.

  • Building and sharing “live exit criteria” for a release 
  • Unambiguous online reports and test results
  • Move testing within development phase speeding up dev process significantly
  • Let QA focus on much higher value activities
  • Natural collaboration for global teams

We organize projects, project versions and test artifacts in ways that would be natural to you and would conform to your projects.

  • Manage multiple project concurrently
  • Implement agile process
  • Multiple execution environments
  • Reuse test assets

Our platform can execute multiple tests in parallel – only limited by the hardware and network bandwidth.

  • Concurrent test execution to speed up the QA process
  • Functional load testing
  • Continuous test execution 

Our product architecture involves an impressive Security Model. From users access and permissions to security compliance, we have it all covered.

  • User roles & privileges
  • Sensitive information on your servers
  • OWASP top-10 compliant
  • All data encrypted with strong encryption 

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ZenVerify capabilities are built on top of Selenium. It can be considered as Selenium plus much much more.

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